About Angela

I love listening to people and witnessing what happens when they have the opportunity to hear their thoughts out loud, without fear of judgement. It might sound like a simple thing, but in my experience, it's very rare that we are fully heard and understood, and it takes years of training and development to be able to listen to others in that way. Seeing the relief on their face, or hearing their expression of "oh right!" when they have a moment of insight or clarity is truly rewarding from where I'm sitting.

Many years ago, I did a weekend course to find out what my true purpose was. I came up with: helping emerging leaders to lead. This was well before I had any experience or training as a coach, and I suppose looking back it might have been a reflection of where I saw myself at that time.

Today, that desire is still true, although I would say that I am now also very much focused on helping experienced leaders to lead, and I have deepened my awareness of where leadership issues typically lie. It's usually in their communication and they are often unaware of it.

I genuinely believe that when an organisation develops the communication skills of their leaders, they are getting to the root cause of most of the problems they have in their business around performance, productivity, customer service, morale, safety and compliance. 


  • Certified in Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder Centered Coaching program
  • Credentialed Coach (ACC) and Associate Member of the International Coaching Federation
  • Diploma of Coaching
  • Accredited Trainer of Crucial Conversations
  • Certified Coach: ECi (RocheMartin Emotional Intelligence inventory)
  • Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (General Electric)
  • Admitted as a Chartered Accountant (ICAA)
  • Bachelor of Economics (Adelaide University)