Communication Coaching

Helping clients with their understanding of what's working and what’s not in their communication can make a significant difference to their results.

Resolving conflict with a boss, co-worker or direct report relieves stress and minimises reputational damage that can be hard to recover from. Sometimes clients want to work on relationships with their partner or their children - conflict at home can have a significant impact on performance at work.

Chronic poor performance of a direct report is a common situation where the people involved benefit greatly from developing their communication skills. Often, the real underlying cause is not identified, and the problem is often dealt with in ways that are counterproductive and potentially lead to bigger problems.

Leadership Development Coaching

I provide face to face coaching to help leaders of teams of up to 100 people to be effective, efficient and inspiring by uncovering the things they say and do that limit their influence (their blind spots).

I begin leadership coaching assignments with a ‘discovery’ phase – what are the strengths, development needs and career objectives for the individual? What does the organisation need from the individual right now?

Every coaching session is focused on creating maximum value for the client, wherever they are in their development journey. My eye is always on the objectives that were agreed at the commencement of the program, and I proactively seek out the observations of my client's key stakeholder group to objectively monitor progress.

Transition Coaching

Being made redundant, starting a new role, and re-entering the workforce are all types of transitions that clients benefit from having a coach to support them in. The investment in coaching during these times can have a significant impact on key decisions that need to be made, forging new stakeholder relationships, and addressing team issues early on for new leaders.

Specific guidance can also be provided for resume development, interview techniques, how to use LinkedIn and other media for accessing the job market.